WD caviar black 640 gb SATA II 32mb buffer

Hi… today i started my pc with windows 7, and i get a checkdisk 

in this checkdisk i see a 4k in bad sectors, i installed in windows 7 the lifeguard diagnostic tool, and it say in fast test, a error and cant continue

i started in linux from a USB, and iam running the diagnostic tool here… with the caviar black in slave

iam running the full test… what can i do if this dont fix my bad sectors?

i buy the disk in 11/11/2010 

To fix bad sectors, you’’ have to use the Write Zeros option of DLG, that will clean the drive of bad sectors if they are recoverable, if not then just replace it.

hey, I thought the extended test would fix bad sectors.  in either case, if it fails to do so, then the drive should become questionable.