Wd caviar black 1tb internal hd

hello, i installed this caviar black 1tb hd model #WD10000LSRTL and it installed fine.I Loaded some programs and then left it on all night to update my os( windows xp pro w/ ser. pack 2),now i have problems with half of my programs,they do not function properly and my c drive which is the only hd on this os,now reads that i only have 240 gigs of free space,where as i had 986 gigs b4 i started updating my os.I need to know how to fix these issues or if there is a compatability issue with xp pro?I an not a genius but i have built a few pcs and never had anything like this happen.The updates have not finished yet and tech support is so hard to understand what they are saying.i did a quick install because it was fresh and nothing on the hd yet.if theres a patch or advice i would be greatful for any help.the drive seems to be very fast and quite. thanks in advance…G-Bone

There are two possible issues (aside from the obvious drive is bad issue):

  1. Bios is not reading drive correctly (old bios), and you need to update the bios.
  2. You loaded Windows XP SP1 on the drive, which only recognizes and formats so much of the drive, then leaves the rest blank or raw.  If that’s the case, then you always only had 240 gb’s and just realized it.  Check in Disk Management to see what has actually been partitioned and formatted.