WD Caviar Black 1tb drive not supported on VIA VT8237R

Just wanted to let everyone know that may have an older motherboard with a VIA VT8237R south-bridge that the WD Caviar Black 1tb WD10000LSRTL will not work. Other people were able to get the Caviar Green 1tb drive to work and a Seagate drive but I have yet to try myself. The BIOS will not even recognize the drive, and yes I had the drive jumpered to 1.5gb/s, verified that the cabling and drive work on a different computer, and flashed the BIOS with latest one from the board manufacturer that I customized by extracting the newest VIA VT8237 SATA controller from another board and embedding it into my BIOS (which was the fix for other users). Tech support is not very “tech” (this includes the Senior Tech support) and can only help trouble shoot basic issues, knows nothing on compatibility issues or problems and continually insist that it is the motherboard manufacturer’s problem, though a different drive manufacturer of the same size would work…makes sense to me–yeah right. They are so technical they didn’t even care what type of south-bridge was controlling the drive and had no suggestions other than to take the drive back and use the other manufacturer’s drive that would work. It is unfortunate that there was not any willingness to try and get a drive working because I would have really rather used a Caviar Black (without using a SATA PCI card)

Well I have verified myself that a Seagate Barracuda drive will work fine.  There is just a problem with the WD Caviar Black models :frowning:

Seagate drives ship with Spread Spectrum Clocking (SSC) disabled. Could that be the difference?

Jumper Settings Info Sheet:

That is a great link explaining all of the possible jumper settings fzabkar, but unfortunately I already returned the drive so can’t do anymore tests. :frowning: It would have been great if the tech support knew this, suggested this, or even said they will do more research, get more support, or SOMETHING. lol


I was doing some more research on the WD and Seagate drives and WD drives are also shipped with SSC disabled as the default so that wouldn’t have been the problem :cry:


Note: WD SATA drives ship from the factory with either Default 1 or Default 2 (see below) set as the standard configuration.

Standard configuration 1 (no jumper added - spread spectrum clocking disabled).

Standard configuration 2 (jumper across pins 1-2 - spread spectrum clocking disabled).