WD Caviar Black - 1TB - Accessibility Issue

Hello.  I am running Windows 7 64-bit on the following system (put together April 2010):

* Intel i-5-750 Lynnfield quad-core
* 320 GB Western Digital Caviar Black (Primary Drive) 

* 1 TB Western Digital Caviar Black

* Asus P7P55D-E S1156 ATX USB 3.0 MOBO
* 2x2 GB OCZ Memory
* EVGA Geforce 512 MB Video Card

Everything clicking along nicely until yesterday when I booted up the computer.  The 1TB secondary drive could not be accessed.  I receive an error message suggesting the drive cannot be accessed and prompts me to reformat.  If I cancel out of that dialog box, a second one pops up referencing “cyclic redundancy check.”  

The drive still shows on the BIOS splash screen on boot-up, and it still is listed in “my computer.”  However, you cannot see how much is available/used.  The device manager lists the drive as “healthy.”  

I’ve bought another SATA cable to try.  Could it be a BIOS or system performance setting?  

Frustrated, I attempted to reformat and that process was halted almost immediately with a message saying the process cannot be started.

TIA.  :smiley: 

Okay, the Data Lifeguard quick test could not complete:

Quick Test on Drive 2 did not complete

Status Code = 07 (Failed Read Test Element)

Failure Checkpoint = 97 (unknown test)


seems that the drive is dying or something with the read heads :confused: