WD Caviar AC21200 win xp driver


I have a WD Caviar AC21200 hard drive that I want to use with Windows Xp 
with a USB 2.0 SATA / IDE converter cable 
win xp but does not have the drivers, and they can not download 
I’ve been looking all over the internet but I can find themselves anywhere 

someone has these drivers for me? or has a link where i can download them 


I would update to the latest service pack of Windows XP.  What you’re looking for is USB 2.0 drivers that should come with XP.  We wouldn’t have those drivers.  It’s possible that the drive is so old that it’s not compatible with XP, though I don’t see why not.  I have an 8 GB Caviar that I’m using with a USB converter cable and it works fine on XP, with XP USB drivers.

By the way, how do you have it formatted?

This hard drive comes from my old PC I would like all of the files that are copied to
not formatted I myself think that there is win95 or win 98 in position, but that does not matter, I think I’ve superiors old disks and are working well
only in this drive
No driver under xp

Well, xp does support usb 2.0. Are you using an older usb case to connect the drive? Some of the older usb cases required their own drivers to work.  Maybe you should try another external case to put the drive in, and see if that works.

I have multiple hard drives that work
it does not submit to the USB cable
it really is the driver for the hard disk
So I need WD driver

There is no WD driver.  We have always relied on the Windows and Mac native usb drivers to work our USB drives.  You’re trying to connect our internal drive with a USB cable from a 3rd party company. You need to go to them to get any required drivers.  That’s why I was saying to try another USB converter cable.  Otherwise, that drive is so old that it may not be compatible with any USB connection.  There is nothing more we can do to help you.