WD Caviar® AC12100

Hi there,

My testing machine used this EIDE hard drive for OS and data storage. Recently, the hard disk corrupted and unrepairable. Need a replacement since this the only hard disk type that matching with its BIOS. My problem are I can’t get this hard disk in my country anymore, no WD supported for legacy product, and bla. . bla … bla. Where can I get this legacy enhanced IDE hard drive? FYI, I was from outside US. Thank you in advance!

If the BIOS limitation is purely a capacity issue, then you could use HDAT2 to reduce the capacity of a much larger HDD, provide that the replacement drive supports the HPA (Host Protected Area) feature set.

See page 5 of the HDAT2 Cook Book:

See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Host_protected_area

Where can I get the HDAT2 application software? Any URL for downloading etc?

Ok, Tq again!

If the URL of the HDAT2 Cook Book wasn’t enough of a clue, then try this: