WD BW white light

I have the book world white light 1TB drive. It is on my home network connected by ethernet to my wireless router. I use it with my MacBook and other wireless devices incl ipad and iphone. 

I have had a problem for a long time and I know this issue has come up many times before on this forum. I am raising it again in the hope that there has been a solution at some point as I’ve not looked for a while. 

My Mac can see the WD drive in ‘Finder’ and I can look at the files in the public folder. I never really have a problem connecting to the drive in this way. However I do have these 2 problems: 

  1. Time machine uses the WD drive to back up to. Almost every time it tries to back up one of 2 things happen:

a) the drive can not connect for time machine back up, or

b) it connects but wants to back up the entire computer again as if its forgotten it already has an active back up (which should only need the new/changed files adding to it)

  1. I use the "WD Photos’ app on my iphone / ipad to view photos stored in the public photos folder of the WD drive. When ever I try to connect to the drive via the app it says the ‘Device is offline. (668)’, even though it is not. I am signed into the drive on the app, and am on my home newtork at the time. 

This has been a real problem for me and over the last few years I just havent had the use I wanted/expected out of the WD drive. I haven’t got the money to buy something else, so really need to get this working. 

Please share your solutions…



  1. For some reason the Time Machine software is not cataloging the remainder of the backup files which might or might not have something to do with the drive. Are you able to access the previous backup files on the drive? Make sure the files are accessible and the backup folder is not corrupted. If files are removed from the backup folder this will alter the backup integrity and cause backup issues.
  2. Try disabling Remote Access, removing the app and then re-enabling and reinstalling the application.

 I have same problem… Eventually gave up using WD for time machine and connected Seagate drive directly via USB3.

Was unable to even see wd_backup until latest Mountain Lion update.

Looking at posts on Apple site found lots of complaints about network backup creating fresh backups each time, not just WD.

Thanks for reporting this.

The OP might need to check with Apple as well for more information.