WD Boost for wdc wd10s21x-24r1bt0-sshd-8gb


I have a Lenovo Y50 which has a wdc wd10s21x-24r1bt0-sshd-8gb hard disk, running Windows 10. I have run into an issue where my computer freezes and crashes for any sort of at all graphics intensive video game (ie, Bioshock 1, which should be easy for the specs). In order to fix this, I’ve seen some users recommend installing WD Boost and Intel RST. Intel RST wasn’t a problem, but I can’t seem to find the right version of WD Boost. I thought I had a SSHD hard disk, so I tried using WD Black SSHD, but when I tried installing it, it said I did not have a SSHD.

What is the problem? Is there another version I should be downloading?


Hi, unfortunately I have never heard about this software, I would recommend you to contact WD Support and see if they have any information on this.

hello I feel maybe its for drivers