WD bool elite is not being recognized after plugging into MAC


I have WD book elite. I’ve plugged in into MAC and ran the firmware avaialbe on WD webisite hoping it will help me to write and copy files into it. After I’ve done the above, MAC stopped recognizing it (however it did at first). When I plugged it back into PC, it didn’t recognize it either! 

i have lots of files in there, at least i need to recover them!

please, help and advise what i need to do!

I thought the My Book Elite came formatted NTFS for Windows. Did you reformatt and copy files from a Mac or was the data copied from windows? Sounds like you corrupted something. When you ran the firmware update did you disconnect all other USB devices and shut off antivirus and other security software?


Hello, thanks for the message. 

Yes, it was formatted for Windows and I tried to make it work in MAC. i didn’t reformat or copied files from MAC into it as it didnt’ allow me to copy any files on to it.  It just let me view them only. The data was on the disk previously from Windows. 

I did disconnect the disks when running the update.