WD Book slows down my 24" Intel iMac G5

Hi I have the WD Book hooked up to my iMac Intel G5 and it seems to slow it down (i’m on leopard). At times when I’m using a program like InDesign the drive kicks in and slows down the program…at times it even freezes the computer temporally. There are no linked files that are on the drive so there should be no association to what I’m doing on computer. I even hooked the drive to my new MacBook Pro (using Snow Leopard)  and it does the same thing. I’m using the drive as a basic back up and not for time machine. Any Ideas as to what’s going on here?

Try this:

Uninstall all WD software and its utilities.

Properly unmount and Unplug the WD external drive from the computer.

Restart the computer.

Re-plug the WD external drive to a computer. Wait for the drive to finish mounting.

Run the InDesign program, Does it still slow down the computer or better?

If it is still slow down,

Try running Verify Disk from the Disk utilities to check

if any corrupted files or bad sectors on the WD drive.

same problem here