WD Book not found on WD Mycloud

Any one out there can help me out? I’ve been using WD mycloud (single), in order to unsure the backup i bought the wd book same capacity (4 TB) now the thing is, when wd book connected to wd my cloud (USB) i can’t find it! Formated wd book accordingly but still wd my cloud can’t find USB connected. Any help please!?

@ers Have you looked at the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud?

See, Connecting a USB Hard Drive

@cat0w, i didn’t know if i understand it correctly but i did all it says, with no results… Any advice though?!

@ers So when you plugged it in it did not show on the Dashboard as a share? See example image below which shows my San Disk Cruzer plugged into my USB drive. It also shows as a share, Cruzer.

If you unplug it make sure you do it through the Dashboard. See example image below.

I have Windows 10 and it shows up under My Cloud in the network as Cruzer. This device has music on it as you can see in this image. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

@cat0w, yes, on wd cloud i can see the dashboard, and when i plug just usb i also see it exactly as your example. The problem comes when i plug wd book, then i can’t see it. Which makes me think is the problem on the wd book? But, when i plug the wd book on computer i can also see it!

Which WD product do you own? (My Book)

Have you followed the instructions in the User Manual for setting it up?


The first one i would use it as backup and the second one is wd mycloud.

Are you saying you want to connect the second one to your My Cloud? WDMyCloudImage

I’m not sure you can do that, I suggest you read the User Manual for setting them up and how they are to be connected. You may want to check out the Knowledge Base too. Use link below and be sure to look at topics under WD Community.