WD Book Live Duo and WD 4TB My Book Studio Edition II via USB

Hi everyone…

I am researching on this new WD Book Live Duo 6TB which appeals to me quite a bit.

I have a few questions which I hope I can get answers on prior to my purchase.

  1. I need to know if I will be able to connect my WD 4TB My Book Studio Edition II via the USB connection located on the WD Book Live Duo.   Per the specs on the WD Book Live Duo the USB connector can be used to expand the drive capacity by attaching another external drive via the USB.   In this case if these two drives work together I will end up with with 5TB of usable space (Live DUO 3TB (RAID 1 configured), Studio Edition 2TB (RAID 1 configured))

2)  Once an second drive is attached to the Live DUO via the USB will I see one large 5TB disk or will I see two seperate disks?

3)  Once the second drive is attached to the Live DUO will the second drive work in the cloud since I am assuming the interface will then become the ethernet connection via the router.

  1.  Yes, you can do that.

  2.  No, it will be kept separate.

  3.  I’m not sure, but I think so.

Answer to question 3 is yes.

A note on how the external storage works. Anything you plug into the USB port is turned into a Share. So if you plug your 2TB drive into the USB you will see two shares (by default) when you access the Duo. One will be the Duo’s Public folder, the other will be named after your external drive.

If you plug multiple external drives (via a USB hub) there will be a share for each created.