WD Book HD can't access

I bought a WD Book 2-3 years ago.

I didn’t connect it to my MacBook Pro for a year. Last week, I reconnect it to my MacBook.

It worked well at first. Then suddenly, it disconnected from my MacBook. The power light is still on.

Then I turned it off and power on it again, there was no engine sound heard.

  1. Can I unseal the HD from the case?

  2. Can I access the HD without the case?


First make sure to plug the drive directly to  a wall outlet. Also try diff cable,ports or comp.Tampering the drive will void the warranty.

Check drive status under disk utility

thx for your reply.

I hv done all of this. No engine sound at all. 

When it is still working, i can hear the engine is running when power on the drive.

I can’t believe WD has such a bad quality device. I stored a lot of family photo here which some can’t re-take any more… 

I feel angry about that… what a device…