WD board pcb replacement

Sorry this needs to be in External.  I was looking a topic here with the same drive.

My  (4061)4060-705059-003 is broken, the usb port came off, little kid knocked it down.  .>_<.

Anyway, main details:

Before it broke the capcity light was full, because the drive was full.

When trying to plug it back in, before I knew it was broken, the light dissappeared.  Shows empty, the lock light is still on, so it’s getting power, but the capacity light is off.

Question 1 :  Did a power failure or usb failure cause the drive to become empty or corrupted?

Question 2:  If I buy another  (4061)4060-705059-003 replacement chip, will I be able to plug it intot he HDD and regain control of my drive?

If so, would that be able to give my data back?

One thing extra…

I took it out to see what was wrong, that’s how I found out it was the usb port broke.

I then thinking since it was a normal HDD with SATA I hooked it up to my desktop to try and retrieve the data, that’s when I found out that it was encrypted thanks to the usb chipset.

Doing this, will it effect my chances of regaining my data?  Also will running a data recovering program effect the data on the drive?

I know alot of questions, but I have my kids pics and stuff on there, and I would really love to get them back.  Sorry.

Thank you for your time.

Even though it could work that’s not for sure. However, you can contact fazbak he’s like the PCB jedi here…

Cool, thank you.

i went and tried to mail fazbak but there shows no user by that name.

there’s fazzpzz and some others, but no fazbak .

Soldering on the connector, with new one, or the existing “broken” one is an easy task for a good electronics tech.

Assuming all the electronics of everything is intact and the drive didn’t take a bad fall, I’d say your data is safe.

Let me add, that if the internal/external interface is encrypting, and you connect via a sata adapter, chances are you won’t see anything. It is possible to also mess up the existing data, so I’d recommend against that. Let’s get your bridgeboard fixed and working.

One of the first rules of data recovery is to not make things worse, or write to the drive. Connecting a drive via sata cable will allow the os to start writing. I don’t like it when that happens. Indexing, making thumbnails, setting up a recycle bin… That’s all a no-no.