I would like to know if the WD Blue SSHD is worth the purchase.  Also how do I make it my default device to boot up on and or is there a software that comes with it to transfer information from the old HDD to the SSHD?  I have windows 10 32GB RAM and 1GB video card.  


I recommend you contact support directly for assistance with this.

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i just cloned my old HDD which had 512MB capacity to my WD Blue SSHD came with 8GB NAND and 1TB.  Did i do something worng???.  When I go to c drive it says 512MB capacity.  484MB Remaining HMM and i have 386GB unallocated 

Hi, it seems that you did the cloning process incorrectly. What options you chose while performing the clone? Are those 512 MegaBytes or GigaBytes?

Hello, I used Macrium Reflect and I used the following setting that were default. Which was intelligent sector copy.

386 MBS of un allocated memory

Can you please assist on how correcly do this so My new SSHD still has 1tb of HDD minus the information I am trying to transfer over.

Hi, I would recommend you to try using the Acronis True Image WD edition, as this is the software WD provides to clone for this drives.

If this doesn’t work I would recommend you to  contact WD directly for support.

I just contacted WD customer supprt and I received no help.  The acronis will not install unless I have  WD device installed on my laptop.  I was told i have an issue with my Sata connector and my laptop.  However, when I use reflector to clone.  I can install the software and it picks up on the WD device but I need it to show all of the 1TB

Have, do you by any chance have a SATA to USB cable, I’ve seen some users use this to get a drive recognize on a laptop to install Acronis.

Yes I do and it picks up on it

Have you tried installing the Acronis with the hard drive connected over the USB?

Yes.  The SSHD is connected via SATA to USB connection