WD Blue SSD Not Seen in Mac OS

Ok so I bought myself a WD BLUE 500GB 3D NAND SSD with the view to swap out the existing drive from a Mid 2010 15” MacBook Pro.
Popped the drive into a SATA enclosure, plugged it into USB and whilst the power light comes on on the enclosure, nothing happens. Tried plugging it into my iMac (Late 2015) and immediately got a message about the disk not being initialised, so continued. Erased it, setting the options for a Mac drive and it completed without issue. Ejected the drive and plugged it back into the MacBook but it doesn’t show. Plugged it back into the iMac and same thing, nothing! Not in Finder or Disk Utility. Popped another SATA drive into the caddy and that works fine, ie seen in both finder and DU.
View is set to show all devices and I know the USB ports are working.
Any suggestions?

Odd but it’s now working and have managed to install OS X onto it and migrate the files from the target laptop. It suddenly was recognised for no apparent reason!

Same thing happened with me on my windows 10 pc also but after few times i connected it recognised automatically. Maybe it was a driver issue.