WD BLUE ssd 1tb 100% active

I have a brand new ssd, I have been using it for about a month now. For some reason when I booted up one day it would take forever for some of my applications located on the drive to load. Now none of the applications would load from it. I have formatted and even re partitioned the drive. I have changed the inturrupt MSI settings, but it is still 100% active.

Model String: WDC WDS100T2B0B-00YS70

Hello TehDeathtrap. I would like to know if you have found out more about this. I have exactly the same drive (2.5" Sata). I had id for almost a year, and exactly the same just happened to me 3 or 4 days ago. Based on when it happened to you, It could be something related to the firmware version. I have installed the WD SSD utility but unfortunately there is no update that “could” fix the issue. I was planning on formatting my drive and see if that helped, but it seems that based on your experience it will not. Also, I tried different SATA cables, different PSU cables as well as different Windows installations, and the same happens.

Also, in my case after maybe 5-10 minutes the activity drops down to 0%, and the SSD works as normal, but after maybe an hour or two the same happens again. Also, I noticed that always happens at boot, and if you hot swap the SSD, and you plug it back, it works as normal dropping to 0% activity.

Hope that we get an answer soon, in case that you still have the issue as well.

Hello, I have the same problem on my new WD BLUE SSD 1TB… :frowning:
After Booting the computer, the disk goes to 100% active and stay like that for a few minutes… Then it recover the “normal” condition and works well for some time, but it goes again to 100% active randomly…
My WD BLUE SSD have the latest firmware according to the WD SSD Utility…
According to your description, it looks like it can be a problem created by a new firmware eventually released a few months ago…

If you get a solution for the problem I would thank you if you can share it !

Rui Martins

Same drive and slightly different issue. It runs when it’s mounted. But that’s one out of every 10-20 reboots. Same on two computers. When it doesn’t mount, it’s not visible anywhere, including WD software. Weird. I haven’t tried replacing the cable yet.

turn off fast start in bios

I have been having this same issue with my 2TB WD Blue. It’s not being used as a boot drive but rather a storage drive.
The drive was RMA’d by WD (which is awesome btw) but when I plugged the new drive back in the exact same thing happened! WTF? The system boots, all the startup tasks load and function as normal, but then disc management and file explorer both become frozen while the WD drive runs at 100% for 5-10 mins (scanning???). Eventually it stops and the drive behaves as normal with regular performance and accessibility.
I have tried changing both the sata port and cable it’s plugged into, have run all the usual disc checkers and can’t find anything. Seems like a Windows 10 item but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is.
Anybody have any suggestions?

Maybe trim schedule is enabled for some time interval in WD ssd dashboard?

Thank you for the suggestion. I had a look at the trim schedule and it was set to weekly. For poops and giggles I changed it to monthly. So far it hasn’t made a difference on reboots. Still runs at 100% for just over 7 minutes on every reboot…

I also have similar problems.
ssd will run 100% every when booting , sleep or Screen saver, about 10 minutes to be normal

wd ssd blue m.2 500GB

Sorry to hear. I ended up RMA’ing the drive back to WD and sold the brand new drive they sent back to me. Switched to and Intel 660p nvme drive and all my problems have gone away. Hope you’re able to remedy this, it is a huge pain in the butt…