WD Blue spins down to soon


i have here two Scorpio Blue 2.5" Sata Harddrives (wd6400bpvt and wd3200bpvt) with very

annoying apm settings. With the default setting (60h) the drive spin down after just 40 seconds (!) of idle time.

Also the head are parking every 8 seconds, so the load/unload cycle value increases very fast.

The parking “problem” is fixable with wdidle3 but the extrem fast spin down seems to be hardcoded.

Is there any tool to change this behavior? 

I mean save energy is important but this overstate the case! 

With this behavior these drives are not usable as a data drive - next to a ssd (for the system) or in a case for external use.

Thank you,

best regards


this behavior is not normal

try testing the drive

could be a firmware issue

Hello Wizer,

“nice” to hear that this is not normal.

Such an extreme spin down setting would be awfully.

Both drives are successfully tested with DLG.

For a firmware update i had to open a support case - right?


I opened an email support case and asked for a tool or firmware update.

Hello, please have you had any progress? I bought Asus EEE with this drive and it’s driving me nuts.

If I do not get any resolution, I will have to resort to RMA this whole netbook and avoid WD disks. Users should not resort to mingling with HDD firmware.

Message to WD engineers: Would it be possible to double(triple)-check firmware source-code for discrepancies in terms of missing zero or misplaced values somewhere?

Hi asticia,

WD answer in my case that theres no firmware update but this behavior is not normal and i should RMA the drives.

But i´m afraid this is just a standard answer and the drives are fine.

I will think about it to send at least one drive (for a test) to wd for exchange.