WD Blue poor throughput


Iam using WD Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD 2.5" 7mm 500GB, where i continuously transfer large amount of data. When the data size is small (~1-5GB), iam able to achieve throughput of about 3Gbps. When the data size is increased (>10GB) the data throughput is reduced to 0.5Gbps. How to increase my throughput with larger files?

Hi @balaji.g,

We would request you to refer to the below link to get the solution for the slow performance of the drive:

Title: Benchmarking programs indicate that my hard drive is performing slower than expected
Link: Drive Performance Speed and Benchmarking

Please refer to the link below for testing a drive for problems using Western Digital Dashboard and share a test result screenshot with us:

Title: Testing a drive for problems using the Western Digital Dashboard
Link: Western Digital Dashboard: How to Install and Use