WD BLUE M.2 ssd Not recognized in BIOS (WDS100T2B0B )

I have a WD Blue m.2 SSD WDS100T2B0B , I have it installed on an
ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E Gaming Motherboard.

When in the bios, I cannot see this as a device to install Windows on it. I went through the bios and made sure that the m.2 interface is set for Sata III but the system still does not see this.

I updated my mb to the latest firmware offered by ASUS. What else can I do ? I searched the forum and found similar issues with different disks but no solutions that I can find.

Many thanks.


I figured it out .

After further investigation I realized I had plugged the M.2 into a PCIEx4 slot only and since the WD BLUE 1TB is SATA ONLY, eeeaaant not gonna work.

There was a second M.2 on this board which I knew about and avoided using because it was covered by a large heatsink so I had to pull out graphics card to get at it …what a fun time that was …NOT.

Also when doing this Sata Ports 1-2 on the mb are disabled (which is where my other SSD was (the OS disk) so had to move that over to Sata ports 3-4 then viola System works and boots and I can see this WD BLUE m.2 ssd and format it and load GAMES on it :slight_smile: