WD Blue HDD not recognized by OS

I have a 250GB SSD running my OS. I recently added the 1TB WD Blue HDD as a secondary for extra storage. The WD Blue HDD shows up in BIOS and in Device Manager>Disk Drives, but not in File Explorer or Disk Management. Initialize Disk Wizard won’t run. Therefore, I can’t initialize the drive, give it a letter, or format/partition it. In Device Manager>Properties, it says the device is working properly, but in Device Manager>Events it says it failed to migrate.

Since both drives are SATA, I don’t think jumpers and master/slave settings apply.

The only other thing I can think that is might be is a missing driver, but I don’t have the mobo manual and I don’t even know what driver it is that I’d need, or where to start looking for it. 

I’ve tried using different SATA ports, different SATA cables.

I have a HPE 310t with a MSI 2A9C mobo and an Intel H57 (IbexPeak DH) chipset. I’m running Windows 10.

Why won’t my OS recognize the HDD?

Hi there, welcome to the community.

I’m sorry to read that you are unable to use your drive as expected.

If the drive is shown in “Device Manage” it means that the drive is being recognized that the drive is shown.

Try running the  WD Data Life Guard Diagnostic for Windows which are the tools provided by WD to check if the drive is in good healthy condition, run an extended test and see if it pass, if it doesn’t I would suggest to replace the drive.