WD Blue disk scraping

Hello everyone,I’m new on this forum and I try for long time to find the solution to my problem.My problem is scraping WD Blue 5000AAKX-00ERMA0 drive when reading.SMART is ok,but I give a link: http://zapodaj.net/8ec6241b1d473.png.html.Disk has half a year,but I use its about 3 months.I remember,the disk started scraping about month ago.Disk sound: http://www84.zippyshare.com/v/Gk3jrI7L/file.html.Sorry for my english,I’m from Poland.I hope someone help me :slight_smile:

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The following article will be able to help you identify if you hard drive’s noise is normal:


If needed, you can process a free replacement under warranty in the following link:


With the link provided by you the most likely is grinding sound, which is abnormal voice :stuck_out_tongue: Drive does not makes any sounds during the benchmark, you can hear it when writing or reading data :stuck_out_tongue: And click on my link,there is sound of my hard drive.

i dont hear the sound clearly but it seems that the drive is bad