WD Blue Constant Activity even in BIOS!

Hey there,

I just purchased an internal WD Blue 2TB HDD for my laptop, and I’ve noticed that everyday when I start the laptop it constantly does something even though Windows reports no activity on the disk whatsoever (it sounds like constant & fast seeking or accessing)

I rebooted in BIOS mode to see if Windows was the culprit, but even in BIOS I can clearly hear the constant and fast activity sound coming from the disk.

I checked the drive’s surface and there are no bad sectors. More so, the drive reaches 50°C temps indicating intense activity, the sound from it indicates intense activity, but Windows reports no activity at all! I’ve never experienced something like this before with other drives :frowning:

Someone said elsewhere that the drive’s firmware might be doing something, but what is it doing all the time, every single day, and so intensively?

[edit: this happens every day when I start the laptop, and takes several hours for the intense activity to stop, even when in BIOS]