WD Blue connectors?

I just bought a WD Blue internal hard drive. I thought it would come with installation instructions but it didn’t. Where can I find info regarding the connectors ? I have a SATA III 6.0 Gbps Cable . Do I also need a power cable?
I want add this as a second drive.

You could just search google for How to install a 2nd sata drive. But here is a link to one of many I found when I googled it.

Before I posted I used Bing and bookmarked three sites including the one you posted. I was hoping for for more info from WD though. I am surprised there is no user guide included or downloadable from them.
I was hoping I would have everything I needed (cables ect) when I opened the desktop up.
I guess I will have to open it up see what I need and go buy it.

It really isn’t difficult to physically install one. Two cables and four screws. Just make sure the cable from your power supply has the correct connector for the drive. If there isn’t one there you can adapt what you do have with an adapter. The other SATA cable just goes to the motherboard most likely right along side the cable going to the existing drive.