WD Blue appears to have been used but it's NEW & ORIGINAL

Hi everyone,
I’m a Western Digital client since many years and I really love it. Today I bought a NEW Western Digital Blue 1.0TB (WD10EZEX) CLOSED in the original transparent grey wrapper.
I’ve observed that the SATA data & SATA power, I mean, the copper of these connectors, seems a little bit scratched as if it had already been used and connected. I don’t know if WD uses this port to program and flash the firmware of its hard drive or why.
I’m 100% sure the hard drive is original, I’ve checked with others WD Blue I already have. Obviously, I haven’t use it!
I’ve uploaded an image so anyone can see what I’m talking about. It’s rare.

Thank you very much in advance!

The drive was connected to test it. Each drive is tested before it will be packed and shipped.

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Thank you very much Joerg, now I’m calm!

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Install hard disk sentinel and see the power on value

Maybe someone used your drive before. If not i would continue to use the drive

Hi, thanks for your response DavidSucesso, but if the disk was used to test it, probably it will show a time counter, because it was for tests purpose.