WD Blue 500gb SSD not showing up

My new WD Blue 500gb SSD is not showing up in my disk management, WD SSD Dashboard, and computer management. The motherboard recognizes it and does allow me to boot the system using that SATA port.

I am running windows 10

Sort of the same thing happening to me, but I suspect I know why. I cloned my existing system disk onto to WD Blue. It operates fine, and the system will boot to it, but WD Dashboard does not see it as a WD drive…I suspect because it has the MBR of the original system disk (a smaller SSD from Samsung) that was cloned, …could that be the case? I look forward to hearing.

Prior to cloning, I had used EaseUS Partition Master to delete all partitions, and leave the disk entirely unallocated. I then cloned my original system disk.

Same issue here. Brand new WD Blue 500gb SSD installed fresh with a new copy of Win 10 (64bit) from DVD disk. I did not clone the SDD drive from another drive. Then, I installed WD Dashboard and it does not detect a WD drive, so I cannot get any info on drive firmware, status, health, etc. Any help appreciated.

Darn, posted a new topic for the same issue before I found this article. Fresh install, brand new drive, but the WD Dashboard won’t recognize the drive exists in my system even though the BIOS and Win 10 can see and identify it as a WD drive.

I installed a new wds500g2b0b 500GB 3D NAND drive M.2 2280 in a new HP 24-r029 PC and it does not recognize the drive anywhere. Not in the BIOS, not in Windows 10, and not in the WD Utility. Any pointers? I’ll call HP tomorrow as well.

Wow, the same thing happens to me, I wonder if they are accepting and exchanging the same drive out to each of us? Hope I don’t get the same response that the previous posters received. Crickets.

My GREEN can’t be displayed, but I’ll go back to the old version.

Could you tell me the older version number?