WD Blue 4tb Stopped Working

Hello, I’ve had my drive since January. During the summer I was gone for about 2 months. When I came home my computer told me right off the bat that this drive needed to be scanned and repaired. After it was repaired, my computer stopped telling me there were no boot media and everything went back to normal. The next day though my computer didn’t even register that the drive was there. It was now unknown and uninitialized. I ran the WD diag tester and it passed all tests. I am not able to create a new partition or do anything with the device. I have tried rebuilding MBR and GPT, neither of them worked. I also swapped cables both sata and power. If someone could help me I would very much appreciate it.

Hello coltrho,

You should try using the drive with different computer and see, if the issue persists.

Moreover, I would recommend you to contact WD Support for such issue or create the RMA for the drive if it is under warranty to replace the drive as it may have gone bad.