WD Blue 3TB access time spikes

I recently upgraded my PC and noticed that in many games sudden fps spikes occur. Since it was usually connected to some ingame action (like clicking a button or picking something up) I suspected it is connected to asset loading, and it does look like it is the problem.

When running performance monitor it shows that for the games on the 3TB WD Blue HDD (WDC WD30EZRZ-00Z5HB0) random access time spikes of 200-500 ms happen. If I relocate the game to my other HDD, these spikes (and as expected, the fps spikes too) are gone.

SMART data is fine, I did a full sector check without any reported problems. The drive is not fragmented. Swapping cables and/or ports did not help. Changing energy saving profile to max performance did not help either.

Does anyone have a suggestion what the problem might be?

Thanks in advance


Are both hard drives the same? Same specs?


Not the same (the other is a somewhat older 2TB Toshiba), but with similar performance characterisitcs.
I highly doubt that these spikes can be explained by simply slower normal operation. The difference is more than an order of magnitude when these spikes happen and the weird thing is that the “bulk” load speed looks okay with the WD: loading a lot of data in games (loading screen time) looks fine. These spikes happen when games stream some additional small amount of data during gameplay (like a new item dropped and they load the icon for it) that should never take long regardless of the normal speed of the HDD.