Hey everyone! I have one here that stopped working for me some time ago (it died while I was working, got stuck and started freaking out). Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to take care of it and see what happened, and now, out of spite, I need to dig out the old files for real. I bought the pocket because it was rigidly connected to the stationary (there is no question of physical damage.) Disk management does not see it (previously it was seen in the EXIF ​​format) but unfortunately the PC slows down so much when the disk is connected that it is difficult to do anything, so I was patient and after half an hour he launched crystaldiskinfo (a screenshot from it is attached). At first glance, I don’t see the drive letter and the disk’s operating time, I don’t know if this is the end of it? Install drivers/software from WD and try, any idea where to start? I will definitely repay you for your help, best regards

The SSD seems fine from the screenshot provided

Still it might be time for a new one as the capacity is better now

The drive has developed 45 bad blocks (= 0x2D grown defects), so it is starting to degrade. The Command Timeout and CRC Error Count attributes are also problematic.

I would suggest that you clone the drive with HDDSuperClone:


45 bad blocks is not fatal but the SSD should have lots of spare blocks remaining