WD Blue 2TB - Bios shows 0

Did not get any sort of smart warning. All disk recovery options fail as max LBA is zero. Windows 10 Disk managers states I need to initialize but then reports I/O error. I read that HDAT2CD may be able to change the parameter so my BIOS can see the drive but I am wondering what other options are out there. I really don’t want to lose this data, but I also dont want to spend $$$$$$$$ for forensic level recovery.

Have tried to run HDAT2CD in DOS mode but rufus and FREEDOS will not load on my machine.

Any suggestions, Drive is WDC WD20 EZRZ-00Z4HB0?

I am also reasonably sure I am just out of warranty.

I have done most of the basics, HDDScan, testdisk, winhex wont read past blk 0 due to the capacity issue. Haven’t tried to force write block 0 but that what I though Win 10 Disk Mgmt Init Disk did which fails.

Thanks, I am pulling my hair out as I cannot get even the simple FreeDOS to load with my usb.

I don’t mean to sound like a troll or unkind…this is why you backup your important data. Not just once! As there are plenty of FREE cloud sites this is a good option for one backup. Another HDD is even better. A 3rd HDD stored off site is even better. I know it’s a lot of trouble to backup but right now wouldn’t it have been worth the work.

If any of those scenarios had been present I would not be here. The advice is relevant long term but does not assist me in my current goal. Thanks for your input. I am still looking for immediate solutions.