WD Blue 1tb -wd10ezex- causing POST to take much longer

Hello, first place, sorry for long post and here is my config:
-i5 8400
-Asus TUF B360M-Plus Gaming/BR
-16gb(2x8) DDR4 RAM Crucial BallistiX 2800
-2x A400 Kingston SSD (120 and 240)
-WD Blue 1tb -wd10ezex-

The Problem
When the Western Digital HDD is connected, the boot time increases astronomically (from like 10sec without it to up to a minute or two even). It takes too much time to even start loading the OS or even to enter the bios, like its almost frozen at POST phase
How I know it is something related to this device specifically
I took out everything, and started putting everything back and testing. Only when it was only the HDD that was not connected, the PC behaved as intended. Even when nothing but the HDD was connected, the boot took a long time
What I tried already (and did not work)
-Changing SATA cable and Ports, removing both SSD, leaving only one SSD and the HDD
-Verifying SMART in the BIOS and in the Windows (absolutely nothing out of place)
-Running hdd checking softwares(Windows Disk Checker, SeaTools, Data Lifeguard), all being completed sucefully, reporting that there is no problem with the HDD
-updating the bios

In fact, after the delay in POST , the HDD behaves as expected, I play game stored on it without stuttering and tranfering files inside it or even to/from it is on normal hdd speeds. When i reboot the PC it usually takes less time, but still much more than used to when I didnt have this HDD
All drives are configured as AHCI.
I have looked all over the web but no one seems to have this problem, this has been like this for months now, im almost desperate

Hello louizc,

You should run diagnostic test on the drive using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows to check the health of the drive.