WD Blue 1 TB now Showing as Unallocated

I have a couple WD Blue Internal 1 TB Hard Drives. Last night it appeared to be working fine, but then this morning, I was unable to open office files. I was getting some weird IO error. I figured it was Windows related, so I rebooted the machine. After I rebooted, the hard drive did not show up in Windows Explorer, but I can see it under Disk Management. When I go into disk management it asks to do initialize the MBR, but I did not.

I have tried to analyze it with Easus Partition Manager, but it cannot find anything. My Acronis Backup had stopped backing up properly a long time ago. This drive has all my data, and I spent the last few months getting all my tax data together to finish my past due taxes. Hence, I have months of work to collect the data and then I need to redo a few tax years. Yes, I should have checked the back up. I know, so no need to remind me. I even had purchased a couple new external drives.

A couple weeks ago, this drive came loose while the computer was operating; however, the drive had been working fine the past two weeks. Hence, I am not sure if that is related or not.

How can I determine what level of hardware or software malfunciton this is.



Are you connecting your WD Blue hard drive directly to the SATA port in your computer?

Yes, I have it connected to a SATA cable that is connected to the internal SATA drive along with the power cable. This is an internal drive being used as an internal drive, but the drive was not tightened down fully.

Nicholas Croglio