WD Black2 problems with Windows 10

I bought a new laptop with windows 10 and installed a black 2 drive. All was fine for a day and then the windows got corrupted. I reloaded windows 10 and now I have just the 1tb drive showing. I cannot remove the drive with the with the soft ware as the soft ware wont load with a 1tb drive showing.
Is the Black2 actually covered to use with windows 10. Are there any WD updates available to update for windows 10 usage?
I have read on this site lots of horror stories about the windows update combining the drive and if that is the case I see little point in fixing it until next time
Any help would be appreciated as the WD phone does not answer at present


Are you able to test the unit on a desktop computer? Connecting the drive as a secondary unit should help you to identify any specific issue.

No I dont have one. Still cant get through to WD. They are fully engaged and dont reply to their emails! Lucky its not really really urgent!