WD Black2 Dual Drive & Windows 10

Hiya - good to hear :slight_smile:

Just hoping for some guidance on what steps are required, assuming a fresh install of Win10, from removing any existing partitions through the install steps. I’ve got the install media for Win10 on a DVD.

I’ve already tried installing the WD software and it’s not showing any removal options (it’s also refusing to install!)



If you read through this thread you’ll end up knowing what to do and how to do it. There are several posts.

But basic:

1 Remove existing partitions with software of your choice
2 Create a partiton of 111GB using the software of your choice
3 Install Windows 10 to that partition
4 Then if you want use Windows Disk Management to partition the remainder of the drive as D:

The WDBlack software will NOT be needed nor will it install to Windows 10

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Thanks for the guidance - finally decided to crack on with it last week with a fresh install:

Used GParted to remove all existing partitions on the black2
Created 1 partition of 111GB approx
Installed using my Win10 Pro DVD media (luckily as I’d done an in place upgrade previously I just ignored all the requests for a key and once online it recognised my laptop and assigned the key again!)
Installed some progs and then used GParted again to create a couple more partitions

My laptop’s battery was charging during the install and crapped itself part way through, when it’s only 3 months old! Had to start again with the battery removed, so laptop only working on the mains at the moment…

A few oddities with dual graphics and a complete lack of driver support from HP for a 5/6 year old laptop but it’s getting better with a few tweaks :slight_smile:

Hopefully have it finished in a couple more sessions!

I love a success story!

Dear guys,
Thanks to your guide, I’m successfully using my Black2 drive in Win10 OS.

My old laptop(Win7) died somedays ago, so I moved Black2 from laptop to my old desktop.
I migrated my Win10 from HDD to Black2 using Minitool PartitionWizard 11(Free version).
Then booting with Black2 showed no error but HDD part disappeared.
So I used WD Black2 installer(5.1.532.5) but there occurred an error ‘Not enough free space on the HDD part…’
Finally with Windows disk manager, I made a partition on HDD part without any error.

(Sorry for the Korean letters)
I hope this continues to work perfectly.

Thanks, guys.