WD Black2 Dual Drive errors after years of working

Hello guys,
great to have such forum.

I was not able to find any solution here, so I will post it.

I am using the WD Black Dual Drive in my Lenovo S206 Laptop now since few years. All was fine until yesterday. While working, Windows 7 stopped and showed a blue screen. When I tried to restart, Windows failed and freezes. I strated Windows again, but now with the option to analyze the start procedure, error was not found. I have also Linux installed on same HDD, so tried it to start. Linux failed also with the error that some files could not be found.

I figured out, that at least Windows is working when my laptop is standing outside where we have temperatures around 0 degree. So I made a full backup with Acronis and started the Data Lifeguard Diagnostic for Windows. SMART status is green and also the quick and extended tests passed sucessfull.

The fan of my laptop is working fine and my feeling is that the SSD is broken.

Any ideas, what to do?


Since you already backed up your drive, try to write zeros with Data Lifeguard see if this helps. Also try to see if you can test the drive on a different computer to see if the same happens.