WD Black

My recently purchased WD Black appears to run hot at around 58 to 59 degrees whereas my WD Green runs at 43 to 44 degrees and appears fine.

The green drive came with my PC and the black drive was new around 3 months ago. It also appears to be rather noisy, it makes a number of clicking noises reguarly.

Do I have an issue here?

Hi what model do you have? Depending on the model the operating temperature can be from 5 to 55 °C or 5 to 60 °C. 


Check the following KB articles:

How to test a drive for problems using Data Lifeguard Diagnostics for Windows 

How to tell if the noise or sound the drive is making is normal 

could you please record that cliking noises for us to hear??

your drive may be at fault or maybe only calibrating itself

after doing what the moderator asked you too please see the smart values using hard disk sentinel professional 

best regards