WD Black starts up at shutdown

Hi all,

made a new build with primary SSD running Win 7 OS and secondary WD Black 2 TB for data only.
WD Black goes to standby after a while which is wanted because it is needed rarerly.

At system shutdown (fast) WD Black HDD wakes from standby and starts up again for about 2 sec. and immediately shuts down again. That’s not good for the drive mechanics for sure and makes no sense at all.

I don’t want to set energy options for standby to off - is there still a solution to prevent the drive from this behaviour? S-ATA controller driver update, other energy options in windows, third-party tools?


It’s not the drive that’s doing it – it’s windows. It’s marking the volume clean and closing all file handles before shutting down.

Thanks, any solutions to prevent except setting energy saving / standby option to off?

I do not think so. Sorry.