WD Black Squared - Unattended installation

Is there a way to install the drivers and enable the 1tb drive durning an unattended Windows installation.


Check the link below. We have a KB article with information on how to activate the 1TB HDD


That did not answer my question at all.

Is there anyway I can get this drive to work during an unattended installation of Windows using an answer file?

Hi yes of course but you would have to include those driver’s in the windows install DVD. This is a good site to show you how to include them. http://www.msfn.org/board/forum/167-unattended-windows-7server-2008r2/ you need to slipstream the driver’s on to the windows install DVD. A answer file you may find info on that there also.

Is there a place where I can find the driver files?  The package that is provided does not appear to have standalone drivers.

Basically, the answer to your question is No.  The WD Black2 installation software is required in order to make the HDD portion of the drive work.  You have to remember, the Black2 is not like any other drive on the market, it is actually 2 drives in one.

However, I’m not sure why you would need  it to initialize while unattended since the HDD is not required for Windows to operate (the HDD is treated as a separate drive) and the HDD portion can be initialized any time after Windows is installed, but Windows will operate normally with out it.

You can redirect the users and ProgramData folder while doing an unattended installation.  So during the installation of Windows, I can make it so that C:\Userts becomes D:\Users. 

Yes, but the “D:” drive doesn’t exist until after you actually install windows and run the software.

Also, to answer your other question.  No, there are no standalone drivers, it’s all done through the software.

There has to be another way otherwise, it would be impossible for system builders to put custom images on it.  I have a hard time accepting that WD did not engineer a way for this to work during WinPE imaging.