WD Black Spin Down Noise


I’ve got a new WD Black HDD (model WD2003FZEX-00SRLA0) that is making a strange noise when it spins down. It sounds like bearing noise just as the platters are about to stop spinning. None of my other identical drives do this.


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I recommend you to contact the Western Digital support about this.


Support would just advise that I RMA the drive. It’s brand new and I’m not keen about the thought of getting a “recertified” (refurbished) drive in return. In other words, I have no desire to inherit some one elses problems. If the noise is not a serious issue, I can live with it.

Unfortunately, it’s just past the return window of the retailer or I would simply return it.


The noise is getting worse so I’ve contacted WD support about an RMA, but if they think I’m going to accept a refurb in exchange for a brand new 1.5 month old drive, they will have a fight on their hands.


WD support finally responded to my RMA inquiry. As expected, they are trying to justify sending a refurb in exchange for my brand new drive. They even offered to “upgrade” the size of the drive they would send, but failed to give any specifics.

I’m sticking to my guns on this one, if for no other reason than to stand up for the principles I so strongly believe in. What’s right is right, and what’s wrong is wrong. It may be a case of David v/s Goliath, but that never stopped me before.


WD Support has been MIA since their initial contact. However, I’m happy to report that the retailer has stepped up to the plate and offered to RMA the drive for a NEW replacement. None of this “recertified” stuff that WD tries to pull, but a brand NEW drive to replace my brand NEW drive.


My RMA replacement drive from the retailer finally arrived today, and it’s brand NEW, unlike the “refurbished” drive that WD tried to pawn off on me in exchange for a 1.5 month old drive. Time for testing…


The RMA drive failed testing before I even got to to the actual data testing phase. I placed it in a new drive dock, powered it on, then powered it off. Sure enough, it’s making the same strange spindown noise as the previous drive, which leads me to conclude that this drive may be part of a bad batch of drives. Just to be sure, I also connected the drive to the sata power cable in my PC, with the same result.

Fortunately, the retailer has agreed to a refund so the replacement drive is going back. All of my older WD black drives have been solid performers, so I plan to purchase an identical drive from a different major retailer. If it does the same thing, I may have to consider switching to Seagate.

Enough is enough.


After reading recent reviews, and the ever-increasing complaints with a common noise theme, I am NOT going to buy another identical drive. Something has clearly changed, and I do not have time to play “choose the hard drive” games. One reviewer summed it up nicely… “Not The Black You Remember”.

Western Digital, what the hell is wrong with you?


I am having the same problem. FOUR drives I have purchased in the last two months are making this same noise.

The first two were manufactured on 24 Dec 2016, the second two on 2 Jan and 9 Jan 2017.

A bad batch undiscovered over three weeks’ time? Don’t they test them?


Good question.


Could this noise be “normal” for these drives?

I have 2 WD Gold in mirrored mode that are entering into sleep very often, but when get back from sleep are making some noise (a click and spin up). Both drives are behaving the same, so I think is “ok”… or not?


It’s possible that WD changed something in the firmware to cause it to happen, but all my questions concerning the issue were either ignored or deflected, which speaks volumes. Regardless, I was sick of dealing with it so I requested yet another RMA, except this time I’m getting a refund from the retailer.


Also having this issue and the net is scarce with info on it… As many drives as this “dieing animal” noise as I call it is happening to, It would be nice to get some sort of confirmation on what it is that is causing it. My first thought was some sort of disk brake to stop the drive when it turns off but it seems highly unlikely. The extended drive test passes but the spin down noise is unnerving.

Fortunately I’m still within my 30 day window of return so if I don’t like the response from WD Customer Support I can still return this drive. Most likely for a HGST as my quick google search has shown them to be the most reliable brand, even though they are owned by WD.



And now a fifth drive!

This new replacement for the replacement is worse, however. Along with the “dying cow” sound, there is a distinct grinding noise as it spins down.

Drive manufactured on 3 Jan 2017.

For those who think it might be normal, my guess is there would be a LOT more complaints by now.


I’m not certain what the problem is, but it seems that many WD Black drives made within the last 1-2 years suffer the same symptoms. Is it normal? Who knows, but one thing is certain… WD is not talking about it. I own 6 identical WD Black drives, all made more than 2 years ago, but none have the strange spindown noise.

It’s a shame too, because the WD Black drives had a well-earned reputation of reliability, but these strange noises make me seriously consider switching to Seagate… permanently.


Made a YouTube video as I couldn’t find any on this issue. https://youtu.be/hTfC7S8zSKs
Hopefully this will shine a bit of light on the issue and get some wheels turning.


Yep, that’s the sound mine made before I returned each of them and opted for a refund.


Same problem here, I have 2 WD HDD, Gold 2TB and Black 2TB, they both do this sound on power down, and I have 4 other WD HDDs that are ok, no strange sounds from them, I am trying to get an answer from a technician, but they keep sending me to troubleshooting page (sounds, test and so on…) that gives no results…

Here is my thread: https://community.wd.com/t/when-hdd-power-off-it-makes-moaning-noise/218183


Does the video in the below thread have the same noise that you are getting: