WD_Black SN850 not detected by BIOS on bootup from power-off

I have a MSI X570 MPG Gaming Edge Wifi and the SN850 is not recognized on M2_1 (CPU bound Nvme) but it is recognized on M2_2 (PCH M2) without problems, but it is a little bit slower, because M2_2 shares bandwith. So I only get 6300mb read speed. On M2_1 I get 7000mb read spead, when the drive is recognized after a “hot” reboot.

No word from WD…Slowly regret, that I did not buy a 980pro!

Well the 980pro does not come in 2 TB otherwise I would have bought one since it came out first. But the drive not being detected on boot-up is really just an inconvenience until they get it fixed. That’s the risk of going with cutting edge tech products these days.

Hey @joker1639, glad to hear that it’s working for you on another port despite being somewhat less performant. Really hoping the WD team comes up with a fix soon.

I ended up picking up an Inland (Microcenter brand) 2TB PCIe 4 drive last night. It’s the one with a Phison E18 controller rated at 7000/6850 read/write MBps. Only has a 3 year warranty, but works great on my board. ■■■■■, but my plan is to keep this as my main boot drive until WD comes out with a fix, then Clonezilla over to the WD drive and use the Inland as another data drive. That is, unless there’s no fix from WD during my return window on the drive, then it’ll just get returned without a second thought.

Got my drive today stoked, speed tested it amazing, coppied and stored files on there. It’s a storage drive not main drive, Drive crashes can’t be seen after a restart swapped m.2 around bingo it’s back, running several installs and restarts. Drive partially collapse some folders files and videos coppied over are now UNLOADABLE. decide to bite the bullet reseat the drive again and do fresh format start format half way through format fails and will not finish drive now unusable, went to bed typing this now appon waking feel annoyed and disappointed

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Sorry to hear that, @anton19574. Sounds like there’s a significant number of folks having this issue.

My support case is still pending any info / insight as to what might be causing it, or potential resolution. I’ve also asked about the firmware revision seen in other forum posts that’s different / higher than what shipped with my drive, but haven’t heard back on that either.

Have you opened a case with support? It feels like the more of us that do that, the more likely we are to actually get some sort of response.

Best of luck to you!


I’m having a very similar problem, only I’ve never successfully booted with my WD SN850 500gb.
I’m using an MSI B550-A Pro motherboard which has 2 m.2 slots. One being the M2_1 slot and the other the M2_2 slot. When I try to boot my computer with the m.2 drive in the M2_1 Slot (PCIe 4) the computer will not post. I’ve tried upgrading to the latest (stable) BIOS version but it made no difference.

For now, I’m using the m.2 drive in my M2_2 slot with slower speeds unfortunately. I’ll keep my eye on this thread for a fix. If anyone comes up with anything feel free to share!

And again a MSI board…

Same problems with an Asus B550i board after I updated the firmware to 61110WD. Bios loses WD drive info but picks up my SATA. Hard reset and it’s usually fine for a while. WD SN850 Black 1 TB version.

Update- after applying the firmware fix and running chkdsk/f a couple of times (errors were found and corrected. Probably related to the random reboots) and an sfc /scannow -all, touch wood, appears to be working reliably.

I was going to get the SN850 for my new build but I first checked the QVL for my MEG X570 Unify and it wasn’t listed so I looked elsewhere. Then I stumbled on this thread. Wondering what made some of you decide to go with the SN850? Legit question, not trying to be a D. Did you hear that it would work fine? Didn’t check the QVL?

I’ve never looked at a QVL before and didn’t even know what it was until I looked it up. The compatibility page for my motherboard appears to list the 500 GB and 1 TB versions but not the 2 TB version interestingly enough.

I bought this drive because it was the first 2 TB gen4 pcie 4 drive to come to market and I desperately needed the space upgrade. I would have gotten a 980 Pro if they came in 2 TB version since I’ve had good experience with samsung drives previously.

Anyway my drive works fine on my system, it is just a minor inconvenience of having to ctrl-alt-del from bios every time I turn my system on.

That totally makes sense.

For any others that stumble on this thread, my MB is a MSI MEG X570 Unify and I went with the Seagate Firecuda 520 2TB. It is listed on that boards QVL and is a fast drive with a great warranty. I’m sure that there are drives that will work that are NOT on the QVL but I figured why take a chance. I always check the QVL for memory, storage and even CPU. Better safe than…