WD_Black SN750 different revisions?

So, I was looking on Best Buy’s website for a NVME 1tb drive (closest store to me carrying tech, MC is 1 1/2 hours).

I at first got the Samsung 980 NVME 1TB and set it up, all gucci.

But then I saw that the 980 Samsung is DRAM-less. This is a pretty big deal in some use cases and the drive itself is not on sale ($129). So I looked into the other $129 drive and that brought me to the WD_BLACK SN750. I Google’d the model number to see if it had DRAM, which revealed almost nothing about it.

The model number on Best Buy’s site is WDBRPG0010BNC-WRSN . The model number on WD’s site is WDS100T3X0C . Google results for the second one said yes, it has DRAM. But nothing concrete on the Best Buy model number.

I eventually bought the WD_BLACK to just take a chance. I don’t know how to check for DRAM presence but whatever at this point.

Here is the WD Data Sheet with the second model number and here is another WD Data Sheet with Best Buy’s model number. One is from 2019 and one is from 2021.

So what gives? Does this one not have DRAM? Reviews from 2019 said it does, so I’m very confused. My drive model number read: WDBRPG0010BNC-WRSN