WD Black SN 750 Nvme Ssd "Read Only" Problem


I have a problem about my product. (Wd Black SN 750 2tb Nvme Ssd)

Its locked. Product working and i can see my files but “read only” i can copy the files to other disks.

My product is new.

I removed the label on my product because i have a cooler on my motherbord. I thought the label would affect the heat conduction.

The place where I bought it returned out of warranty because I removed the label.

The serial numbers of my product are written on the invoice.

I need your help guys. What can i do now ?

I tried a few methods like diskpart, it doesn’t work. I cant format this.
Someone hear my voice and I need your help badly.


Please refer below link support team to help you with trouble shooting steps: