Wd black scorpio wd3200bekt

I have a wd black scorpio wd3200bekt(SERIAL ATA) from an hp laptop(WIN7). The boot sector is corrupted and I need to do data recovery. I have an(SERIAL ATA) adapter that’s connected to my WINXP computer via USB. The BIOS and device manager shows it’s available but the WINXP OS does not recognize it with a physical drive letter. Is there some setting, Jumper, Driver, etc required to make the WINXP OS recognize the drive? The drive itself has 3 partitions, OS, RECOVERY, and IO believe HP TOOLS. What will it take to do DATA RECOVERY short of taking it to a 3rd party vendor???

Hi I do not know of any free data recovery programs but there are some. They all work about the same for example Easy recovery pro once installed you create a boot disk with the program and then you boot from it since bios see’s the drive it should also and should recover any files or at least most of them. The only other way is a professional data recovery company.

thanks for the post. However, I’m still in need of a new HD and the recovery disks. THey have been ordered and should be here by tomorrow.

I still can’t figure out why my WINXP OS will not recognize the drive even though the bios and device mgr recognizes it…