WD Black RAID0 anyone?

Hello everyone.

I have a verry hard time [actually, it’s impossible] to install two 1TB NVMe WD BLACK SSD in the ACER Predator Triton PT715-51 laptop. It crashes and gives BSOD destroying the data on the SSD’s.
My question is, can anyone confirm that the 2 WD BLACK 1TB each work well in RAID 0 configuration to give a single drive of 2 TB storage? On any type of laptop, not only the one i mentioned. I just want to know if this is a WD issue or an ACER one.

Thank you.

My knowledge is remedial at best, but far as I know, RAID 0 provides no redundancy so the failure of one drive will crash the array. The failure will result in all data loss on both drives. Seems like one of your drives is failing the array.

Edit: I just noticed your post is 8 months old. Hopefully you sorted out the issue by now.