WD black PCI SSD firmware update temperature problem

Hi, just updated the firmware for my two PCI black SSD’s and instead of running at around the usual 30°C, they are now fixed on 41°C. How can I get these temperatures back down?

Does your temperatures change? I just got a drive and installed it and its stuck at 83C?!?! Doesn’t change regardless of what I do idle vs load. On latest firmware, but didn’t test on older. Updated it as soon as I got it.

They stick at 41°C (OS loaded on this one) and 40°C. With the previous firmware, they would fluctuate between 30 and 40°C according to load. If I feel them with my finger, there is a very hot spot. Beginning to wish I purchased standard SSD’s. I suspect I wouldn’t see the difference.

Mine doesn’t fluctuate either just says 83°C and I don’t think its running that hot. Maybe there is a bug if the newest firmware? I just don’t wanna run into a warranty issue down the road and then get denied because it was “overheating”

When the temperature reading was fluctuating due to load, I could also feel the temperature on the surface of one of the chips fluctuating. Now it shows a higher constant temperature, I can feel that the hot spot stays hot. I don’t think this is right at all. I have opened a ticket with support, so await an answer. Do you feel a very hot area on the surface of one of the chips?

I’ll have to take the back off the computer. Mine is in a Dell Optiplex all-in-one. I turned it on this morning and it read 30 but went up to 70 very quickly. I’m gonna get a heatsink and small fan and see if it helps.

I’m guessing I don’t have enough air movement in the computer but it seems strange because Dell does option this computer with an nvme SSD and I’m sure that one doesn’t overheat…

So I bought a Samsung 960 EVO and it runs wayyy cooler. 65°C max and idles around 50°C. Plus it’s twice as quick but that may be because the WD is throttling because it’s overheating. The WD Black would stay at 83°C most of the time even at idle with just windows running.

I did feel the chip and it was extremely hot to the touch. I’m not sure if I have a defective unit or if the WD SSDs just run warmer than the Samsungs do but I’m going to be returning it and keeping the Samsung.

Was anyone able to solve this? I too am getting temperature issues after updating firmware. Before the update, the SSD would Idle in the low to mid 40c and only hit about 58c under load… After update it idle at nearly 60c and will jump to 75c or higher quickly and begin to throttle when under load. This was not an issue before I updated the firmware. Is there any way to roll back the firmware to the previous version?

Contact technical support and ask them. They do respond. They told me my increase from 30 to 41°C was normal and you cannot reload previous firmware.

I submitted a support ticket… but I don’t see how it could be normal to go from not overheating to overheating all because of a firmware update. I hope that’s not the case as it would really make me think twice about buying or recommending WD products. Guess we’ll find out. Thanks for the reply.

Yours does seem high, but their comment that mine was within working temperature tolerances is correct. Mine used to swing from 30 to 45ish but now stays at 41°C most of the time. I’m wondering if the drive life is improved if temperature swings are reduced.

I’m wondering if you guys are actually having problems with drives or are you just obsessed about temperatures?.

The only 1 Time and Last Time Solution for your Problem (Just Like Mine)is to buy ( Aluminum Heat Sink+ Little Fan) to wrap around the SSD Wafer Chip then Plug it in where it belongs… Yet, still its a matter of clear weakness in the craftsmanship strictly owed by WD though. They are the ones who should provide these solutions along with their (Lacking Products) hand-to-hand to their clients in the first place not the other way around…PEACE