WD Black NVMe Cannot detect in Windows 10

Is that I have bought WD Black NVMe SSD 250gb.
And I have installed it on my computer, And Windows 10 is cannot detect this drive but in BIOS is Detect it.
I can check in Disk management is not show that drive and check in Device manager is show exclamation mark in Storage controllers > Standard NVM Express Controller.
I try to update that but is up to date.
I try to reset BIOS but is still not detect in Windows 10.
Please Help Me!! How to fix it.
Thank you so much.

this seems to be an issue with the drive for the NVMe controller on your MB. You will probably need to contact the manufacturer of your MB as this is not likely a problem with the ssd.

I will contact Gigabyte online Support
Thank you

also try to update the bios 2 your motherboard