WD Black Not formatting

Could someone show me how I can manually enter geometry Information of my HDD as somebody recommended that to be. What am I looking for on the label on the HDD and how to enter it manually?

The following is my issue:

I have a WD 2.5 that is not formatting. Everytime I insert the drive via USB/directly on the motherboard it asks for formatting. there is no clicking sound and any unusual physical activity from the HDD. Most of the time partition appear as raw. The following are the steps I tried,

  1. using the windows format option, but was unsuccessful.
  2. then from disk management, delete volume and changed drive letter and also format, dint work.
  3. Then, CMD CHKDSK /r and /r , one time it worked rest of the time appears RAW.
  4. Then used CMD from recovery disk and followed above steps, dint work.
  5. then used th minitool partion wizard and formatted, it worked had a single pation NTFS, but could copy a file larger than 3 GB. then re-enter PW from bootable disk and tried resizing the partion, this time formatting dint work. Now back to RAW again
  6. tried the DISKPART commads, also the disk is selected, but when executing command like clean, active, delete volume, it says I must selecta disk
  7. I tried all of tthe above by change the sata cable and adapter, still the same.
  8. Last I tried a wipe using dban nuke, and it was 2.19% after 12 hours and writing speeds were in b/s and too slow.
  9. I tried testdisk analyse, it took forever no result, I also tried writing an MBR (atleast MBR) worked but no lost partitions found.
  10. Surface test are not starting in PW tool i used.
  11. I only have this result fro crystaldisk

Did anyone have similar isues before? All I need is my hdd to work, there is no imp data in it so any recommedation is helpul.

Now I used another tool from WD and it simply doesnt move past this sector (274687)shown in the picture below


Based on the information you have provided I believe your drive is not working properly, and I recommend you get this drive replaced.

Click on the link below to verify if your drive is still under warranty.