WD Black Makes a lot of noise when idle

So a few months ago I bought a 2TB WD Black drive.
Great drive but after a while it began making quite a lot of noise when it’s idle/not in use.
I use the drive for video encoding so it’s in use quite a lot but often when it’s not in use it will start making a noise for a while (30+ mins) and then randomly stopping. As far as I remember it didn’t do this at first but started after a a while.
The sound it makes sounds like a normal reading noise, like stuff is being read/written on it but as I said it only happens when it’s idle and I have the indexing off on that drive.

I know it sounds a bit vague but does anyone know what I mean and why it’s doing this and maybe a fix?
It’s annoying because I leave my pc on and it’s in my bedroom so often the drive will start making this noise and it will wake me up from my sleep.


I recommend you take a look at the link below.

How to tell if the noise or sound the drive is making is normal

It basicly sounds like heavy load as far as I know. Weird thing is that it’s never being used when it happens.