WD Black M2 SSD PCIex4 Overheats

Have a new Black labeled 512G M2 SSD that is hot when idle and pushes past the max high temperature when in use. All other sensor’s on the devices and motherboard register in the 30’s. I do not overclock. Putting in for an RMA - interested here if others are having this issue.

Having a similar problem with mine. Just bought it but it practically idles at full temperature around 70-83. Debating on returning it and trying a different brand instead. Don’t want to run into warranty problems down the road.

Did you end up RMAing yours?

I just installed a new black WD SSD PCIex4 256GB and it to seems to overheat, It settles on 62 grades celsius and stays there. newest firmware. Can’t be normal. Did any of you solve the problem?