WD Black M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD 500gb Drive & WD Dashboard

Hello: I recently installed the WD Black PC SN700, details of Drive:
Model String: WDS500G2X0C-00L350
Serial Number: 182325801904
Maximum LBA: 976773167
EUI: 182325801904
I installed the WD Dashboard and discovered some interesting things. The Dashboard aside from offering USB drive software to erase disk and etcetera, does not address TRIM as it does do on my other machine with WD Blue SSDs installed.
Is the Standard NVM Express Controller Driver, the one that is currently installed on my machine, correct for this WD Drive or is there a better one I should use?

Hi ClarenceE,

What OS are you using ? TRIM should be enabled automatically if you are using Microsoft driver and you do not need to worry about turning on.

Ni hao Cai?

Thank you for your inquiry. The basic reason my post is on this website is that the WD Dashboard does not perform on one of my machines having the WD Black 500gb M.2 SSD with Windows 10 Pro installed as it does on another of my machines with Windows 10 installed on a WD Blue SSD.
The WD Dashboard I am addressing does not detect other drives, only the WD Black M.2 with the Windows OS installed. The same Dashboard does not perform a S.M.A.R.T function at all while the other one does.
With regard to Trim, the other machine with the Dashboard install on the Blue SSD does the system optimize, which I think is the Trim function, even though Windows 10 does it too.
The Dashboard on the subject WD M.2 SSD does not, but Windows 10 does perform the TRIM function.
WD has just suggested I replace the Windows 10 installed Standard NVMe Controller with the iRST one; but I don’t know how to do that.
Thank you for inquiring and you are right. Windows 10 does take care of TRIM maintenance.

so the WD Black SSD is different from WD Blue SSD in regards of the protocol they are using, the SSD Dashboard software is designed to work with both however not all functions are supported on WD Black NVMe SSD.

If you share your system information we can dig in further and check if there’s a different driver from host manufacture available

Well Mr. Cai that is the precise kind of information I was looking for, and I also your response prompted me to read the Dashboard’s release notes and learned a lot confirming what you said. I should have consulted the release notes to begin with instead of resorting to posting on this site.
Since you seem to be interested in helping resolve things, I would like to provide the information you think would be helpful. Are you referring to a Windows 10 Performance Report, but if not, what system information do think would be helpful?
I attempted twice to use the Dashboard to generate a report, but all that happens is the circular arrow going around and around endlessly with the Dashboard not Responding note. That function too appears to not work.
Also, please forgive me for not noticing that you are of the WD Staff.
Marc of your office recommended I try the iRST driver, but the exe won’t work.
Please instruct me on the specific system information to send, where to send it, and I will comply.
Thank you,


No worries,

I suggest you open a support case from here: https://support.wdc.com/support/case.aspx?lang=en

and in the description copy this forum post link and say Chushi Cai requested system information

Also attach msinfo32 file of your computer, you can find the instruction on how to do it for Windows 10 here:

Williamson’s Win 10 System Information.txt (902.8 KB)
Hello Mr. Cai:

I opened a ticket per your instructions, but did not see a means to attach the system information file so I uploaded here. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Please keep me informed.